Extinguish Problematic Fires with Environmentally Friendly Agent

Extover is an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent, which can be used for extinguishing purposes and preventive fire protection. The small, lightweight spheres consist of foamed post-consumer recycled glass with tiny pores inside which form a closed cell structure. The granules are 100 percent mineral and therefore non-combustible. It does not cause firefighting-related water damage or corrosion from salts and it is reusable. Even problematic fire loads, such as lithium battery fires or metal fires can be easily controlled and extinguished with Extover.

Extover is an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent, which can be used for extinguishing purposes and preventive fire protection.

Where to Use

Lithium cells dominate the market for rechargeable batteries. They offer high power density and drive mobile phones, laptops, e-bikes and cars. However, there are some risks associated with overcharging, deep discharging or damaging the batteries. When lithium batteries catch fire, conventional extinguishing with water is almost impossible without any violent reactions. Extover has been designed to extinguish these hard-to-control lithium battery fires. The material is also precisely suited in preventive fire protection for the safe storage and transport of lithium batteries. This affects battery manufacturers, dealers, transportation companies and disposal companies.

The metalworking industry is also struggling with fires that are difficult to control. The dust and chips of lightweight metals, such as aluminum and magnesium, can catch fire during machining and burn at high temperatures. Extover offers a safe way to extinguish these metal fires quickly and in a controlled manner.

Extover is applied directly to the fire as extinguishing agent so that the fire source is completely and sufficiently covered. Due to its low weight, even large quantities of Extover are easy to handle. Extover surrounds the fire source and suffocates the fire within a very short time. At particularly high temperatures, Extover melts like glass and spreads over the fire source. The granulate absorbs a lot of heat in the form of melting energy and thus cooling the fire. When cooling down, an airtight seal is formed, which finally extinguishes the fire and effectively prevents it from reflaming. After the extinguishing process Extover can be easily picked up or vacuumed up.

Extover is made of 100 percent recycled glass. It is therefore effectively mineral and preserves natural resources. In addition to the extinguishing effect, Extover absorbs electrolyte and other liquids excellently. Smoke and gases accumulate on its surface and can be disposed in a bonded form. The reusability of non-contaminated Extover keeps the application costs and environmental impact low.

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