Fabral Standing-seam Panel Meets and Exceeds ASTM Testing

Fabral is pleased to announce PowerSeam, a mechanically seamed structural standing-seam panel, has been tested using the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) testing for air infiltration and water penetration and the results far exceed standard pressures. Fabral’s PowerSeam previously met the minimum pressures suggested by the ASTM standards, but in this recent test Fabral had the pressures increased to 20 psf, which is a number that far exceeds the standard pressures required by most project specifications. The single lock and double locked versions of the panels were tested and the results are impressive, allowing PowerSeam to be specified in even more demanding projects. These more rigorous ASTM tests are the result of the FabralCORE team’s commitment to delivering excellence in their total system offering.

PowerSeam ASTM Testing Facts:

  • The PowerSeam performance indicates superior strength and endurance against heavy weather.
  • The Air Infiltration and Water Penetration tests are meant to mimic natural weather conditions on a metal roof.
  • During the ASTM E1680 Air Infiltration test, a vacuum is placed beneath the panel to test how much air is pulled through. Less than 0.01 cfm/sq.ft. of air leakage was measured up to 20 psf.
  • During the ASTM E1646 Water Penetration test, one side of the panel is sprayed with water, while a vacuum is placed on the other side to test how much water is pulled through. No leaks were observed up to 20 psf.

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