Fabric Is Encased in Architectural Glass

The KOVA for Bendheim CollectionThe KOVA for Bendheim Collection

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection is the latest addition to Bendheim’s extensive selection of safety laminated decorative architectural glass. This exclusive collection is the result of the collaboration between Bendheim and KOVA Textiles, renowned for its solar-shading window treatments and wall hangings. The collection transforms the signature fabrics into safety building products, creating new possibilities for dividing interior spaces.

Bendheim’s ultra-clear low-iron glass perfectly accentuates the translucent textiles made from vinyl-coated polyester yarns. Inspired by the sparkling beauty of hand-cut crystalware, five woven patterns range from contemporary deco lace to wispy tulle, with touches of soft white, black and bronze hues. Laminated in Bendheim glass, the diaphanous fabrics become a versatile architectural material delivering a sense of privacy, while maintaining light and a sense of openness.

The collection provides varying degrees of privacy, depending on the textile design, and offers daylighting benefits, allowing for energy savings and enhanced occupant comfort. To further benefit the space, the specialty glass can improve sound attenuation performance by four points, to STC of 35 or better, when compared to similar monolithic glass, contributing to quieter environments and a greater sense of comfort and privacy.

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection is well suited for interior walls and partitions, doors, stair railings, balustrades, and ceilings. The Collection can be customized with a virtually unlimited palette of translucent and opaque colors, including metallic hues for a sparkling, dressed-up look, as well as with films, mirrors and textured glasses. Full of sparkle and sheen, it will enhance corporate, restaurant, hotel, boutique, spa, and retail interiors, as well as luxury homes.

KOVA textiles are manufactured in the U.S. using environmentally responsible materials and processes. Bendheim’s lamination method neither employs nor produces hazardous chemicals, and its paint process utilizes specialty coatings minimizing VOC emissions and resulting in an environmentally friendly and safe product.

The Collection is available in ¼-inch thickness in sheets up to 60 by 120 inches. Larger sizes and additional thicknesses are available on request.


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