Fabric Line Designed to Create Stress-free Environments

Construction Specialties (CS) has designed its first exclusive fabric line—CSelect fabrics. Inspired by a health-care industry and a design community looking for calming, stress-free environments, the CSelect fabric line, exclusive to CS, brings the outside in, evoking tranquility yet delivering a re-energizing feel to a space.

Construction Specialties (CS) has designed its first exclusive fabric line—CSelect fabrics.

The CSelect fabrics’ material heft and stitching detail bring a high-end, home-inspired design aesthetic to a commercial space. This designer-centric curtain fabric solution embodies soft and vibrant hues that reflect the earth’s natural elements, helping create calm, healing environments with a home vibe.

Suitable for health-care, hospitality and education building segments and with applications for patient rooms, emergency rooms and senior living, CSelect fabrics bring an air of sophistication and a calming, nature-inspired design to what is customarily a colorless and sterile space. Employing the exclusive designs of the CSelect fabric line provides a blueprint for a space that demands a warmer and calmer environment but also requires a private setting for healing and intimate health discussions with medical staff and family.

The line features tones of tranquil blues and coppers to soft reds and pops of serene greens and yellows. With four pattern options and six colorways for a total of 24 combinations, providing privacy protection has never looked so good.

The CSelect fabric line is part of a larger system of interior products intended to seamlessly work together. For example, CSelect fabrics are designed to coordinate with the Acrovyn by Design Tapestry Collection, a line of protective wall coverings, also inspired by nature’s own textures and colors.

From the hallway leading to the exam room, to the head wall, to the privacy curtains, Construction Specialties continues to build out their coordinated interior products to create the tools designers are looking for to create uninterrupted connectivity in their design.

CSelect fabrics can be used with the HUSH Curtain, On the Right Track, Snap Lock, standard track systems and shower curtains with liners. All the curtain fabrics come with the option to treat the fabric with a blend of Nanotex + bioAM for added protection against microorganisms.

Whereas the CSelect fabric is intended for more permanent installations, its coordinating disposable paper curtains can be used for easy and fast changeovers in patient areas undergoing cleaning. The disposable versions will offer complementary colors—second cousins, if you will—to the CSelect fabrics, providing designers with color options far beyond the standard surgical blue and beige.

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