Facade Solutions Protect Stucco Exteriors

Sto Corp. has relaunched two solutions to protect stucco exteriors – Sto Crack Defense and Sto DrainScreen. Sto Crack Defense is a fortification layer that minimizes surface cracking in wall systems while Sto DrainScreen works under veneers to evacuate moisture away from wall sheathing materials.

Sto Crack Defense and Sto DrainScreen protect exterior stucco walls.
Sto Crack Defense and Sto DrainScreen protects exterior stucco walls.

Sto Crack Defense consists of a layer of Sto woven glass fiber reinforcing mesh embedded in Sto polymer basecoat and adds strength and flexibility to outer wall systems.

Because Sto Crack Defense can be added to any of Sto’s fully engineered stucco systems, there is no need to compromise a creative vision for reasons of durability.

Sto Crack Defense is not limited to application in new construction. In fact, in instances where Sto Crack Defense wasn’t applied and cracks do form years after application, the system can be used to refinish and repair cracks in existing walls.

Sto DrainScreen, meanwhile, protects stucco by evacuating trapped moisture under stucco, stone, siding, brick, and thin brick veneers with above grade vertical wall assemblies. Used in combination with StoGuard air & moisture barriers, Sto DrainScreen provides protection against moisture intrusion.

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