Felt Ceilings Provide Acoustics and Modern Aesthetics

Responding to the rise in popularity of felt in the interior design world, CertainTeed has expanded its felt ceilings offerings with the introduction of two product lines:

CertainTeed adds products to offer more design options for those seeking the modern aesthetics and acoustics provided by felt ceilings.
CertainTeed adds products to offer more design options for those seeking the modern aesthetics and acoustics provided by felt ceilings.
  • Felt Baffles and Open Cell ceiling systems by Hunter Douglas Ceiling & Wall Products, exclusively from CertainTeed
  • Techstyle Felt Acoustical Ceilings

Building on the success of its HeartFelt linear ceiling systems, CertainTeed has added these products to offer more design options for those seeking the modern aesthetics and acoustics provided by felt.

Baffles and Open Cell: The Ultimate in Felt Flexibility

Ideal for lobbies, offices, classrooms, arenas, and commercial applications, Felt Baffles and Open Cell systems offer the freedom to turn any ceiling into an architectural feature. Baffles are available as straight or undulating profiles in any shape or configuration, and Open Cell products come in linked profiles that can be configured to create chambered honeycomb linearity or wave-like dimensional depth.

Both Baffles and Open Cell offer acoustical performance (up to NRC 1.10) and are available in various heights from 6- to 24-inches and lengths from 1- to 8-feet. Each come in 18 standard colors that range from vibrant hues to timeless neutrals, or as custom profiles for creativity. Designers can combine different sizes, shapes, and configurations to create sculptural geometries, billowing wave-like effects, and other ceiling design expressions with energy and movement. Aesthetics and acoustics are part of the Felt story—sustainability is the other.

Both systems offer easy plenum access and preassembled construction to install out of the box without drilling or field cutting. They can be installed with wire hanger or by attaching to an existing grid, so retrofits don’t require a ceiling redesign. CertainTeed also offers a factory pre-assembled attaching system for installation ease.

Techstyle Felt: Large Format Panel, Rich Texture

For applications requiring a suspended ceiling installation in a standard grid, Techstyle Felt Acoustical Ceilings offer the performance and sustainability of Techstyle in large-format panels. This is an ideal product for achieving acoustic control and a sense of visual warmth in offices, commercial buildings, educational facilities, and open spaces.

Techstyle Felt combines the design flexibility of a felt surface with the monolithic look of panels, and is available in sizes that range from 2- by 2-foot squares up to 4- by 8-foot rectangles. Three standard color options are available—Ginger, Moonscape, and Peppercorn—as well as custom colors.

While Baffles and Open Cell are typically installed in an open plenum space, Techstyle can be installed in a standard suspension system (including open plenum spaces when a large format is desired) or directly onto a wall, making it well suited for new builds and renovations alike. Two lightweight panel styles are available to accommodate different installation methods:

  • Swing-down panels, which clip-attach directly to standard 15/16-inch suspension systems, creating a semi-concealed look
  • Lay-in panels, which are designed to rest in standard 15/16-inch suspension systems

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To request a sample or discuss how felt ceilings can enhance your project, please contact your CertainTeed sales representative or call customer service at (800) 233-8990. Learn more about Felt Ceilings.

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