Fence Reduces Noise Pollution

Echo Barrier's NoiStop fenceEcho Barrier's NoiStop fence

Echo Barrier's NoiStop fence

Echo Barrier’s NoiStop fence

Noise reduction specialists Echo Barrier now distributes the NoiStop fence as part of its portfolio of noise reduction products which can be used across a variety of applications. The NoiStop fence offers a permanent solution to noise reduction which can be used within communities which are affected by ongoing noise issues such as passing trains or large industrial companies which produce a lot of noise pollution. They offer large organizations an opportunity to improve the lives of those who live in the vicinity of their operations, by helping to make their community a quieter place to live.

NoiStop is a fencing product with specially developed water-resistant and UV sustainable stone wool. The noise absorbing and noise reducing properties make it ideal for use within a domestic setting, protecting the affected party from passing transport, disturbance from passersby, as well as shielding properties from prying eyes.

Depending on the height, width and place of the fence, a noise reduction of up to 9 dB can be achieved. The higher the acoustic fence, the better the result.

These slender, unobtrusive noise fences require little or no maintenance. The frame in the center of the fencing can serve as a trellis to allow climbing plants to grow and blend the fencing to its surrounds, providing a natural ambiance. The Noistop panels are available in a range of sizes, colors and materials.

The stone wool insulation within NoiStop also delivers excellent levels of acoustic insulation, as well as delivering impressive levels of fire resistance. The stone wool core of NoiStop has a Class A1 (EN 13501-1) rating, tested by the European Fire & Conductivity Laboratory.

NoiStop screens are maintenance free and have an expected life expectancy of at least 25 years.


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