Fiber Cement Panel Resembles Natural Stone

Nichiha LedgeStone fiber cement panelNichiha LedgeStone fiber cement panel

Nichiha LedgeStone fiber cement panel

Nichiha LedgeStone fiber cement panel

Nichiha has expanded its KuraStone line with a new fiber cement stone panel design, LedgeStone. LedgeStone embodies the classic elegance of stacked large stones and deep, rich textures with the added value of a meticulously engineered rainscreen system that effectively manages air flow and moisture. This system eliminates the potential moisture problem commonly encountered during the installation of
other stone products.

LedgeStone contains rich colors designed to create the awe-inspiring look of authentic stone. The product does not require a scratch coat, metal lath or mortaring. Rather, it’s designed with a hidden clip system that facilitates a faster and more cost-effective installation process. The KuraStone product line is an ideal match for any residential, commercial, hospitality or retail application. The KuraStone family of products comes with corner and border pieces, along with a newly introduced Sill transition piece to give a finished look inside and out.

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