Fixture Controller Gives Users Control over Individual Light Fixtures

Toggled, a wholly owned subsidiary of Altair, focused on intelligent building management solutions, has announced the new Toggled iQ Fixture Controller. The device gives users control over individual light fixtures for a better lighting experience, while connecting them with the Toggled iQ network lighting control system, delivering energy savings and additional system efficiencies.

Toggled Unveils New Fixture Controller for Network Lighting Control Management at LightFair 2022
Toggled has unveiled its new Fixture Controller for Network Lighting Control Management.

Further building on the capabilities of Toggled’s iQ technology portfolio, the Fixture Controller provides a dimming and color control interface between existing 0-10V dimmable fixtures and the Toggled iQ network lighting control platform. When paired with other Toggled iQ offerings such as sensors, switches, and the free Toggled iQ app, the Fixture Controller can enable daylight harvesting, occupancy/vacancy based control, or schedule-based control, as well as customized lighting scenes all from an individual fixture within the connected network.

Key Benefits of Toggled iQ Fixture Controller:

  • Dimming/color control: Two 0-10V outputs provide dimming and CCT control for individual fixtures.
  • Allows for integrated and independent installation: Consistent with all Toggled iQ products, the Fixture Controller can be installed as a stand-alone device or as part of a larger portfolio of network-controlled devices.
  • Offers multiple control methods including daylight harvesting, color control, scheduling, and app control features.
  • Simple installation and set-up: Threaded adapter allows for installation in standard ½” knockouts while the device can easily be set up for connection through the free Toggled iQ app.

Founded in 2007, Toggled has evolved from a leading LED lighting provider to an innovator in sustainable building technologies that enable organizations to customize and control their building operating systems in real-time.

With more than 150 patents, Toggled is the only software-focused company to deliver end-to-end networked lighting and building control solutions, ensuring consistent product quality and customer satisfaction. Because the system is wireless, users don’t have to tear up the office space during installation. Toggled iQ can also integrate into existing BAS systems, which provides additional flexibility when considering system architecture.

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