Flexible Size Ceiling System Is VOC-compliant

CertainTeed Ceiling's CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony fCertainTeed Ceiling's CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f

CertainTeed Ceiling's CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f

CertainTeed Ceilings’ CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f

CertainTeed Ceilings is giving architects and designers the flexibility to bring the superior acoustical performance, durability and sustainability of the company’s trusted Symphony ceiling panels to a greater number of projects with CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f, the industry’s only VOC-compliant flexible size ceiling system. By offering a wide range of modular panel sizes, the new panels support a clean, custom ceiling visual by removing the clutter of air return vents, light fixtures and other mechanical elements.

CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f is also the only flexible size ceiling system on the market with a published environmental product declaration (EPD) and health product declaration (HPD), offering third-party verified information on both life cycle sustainability and the product’s material makeup. These documents contribute to important materials and resources credits under the newest version of LEED.

CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f supports a clean ceiling visual by addressing on-center spacing requirements for mechanical penetrations, such as light fixtures and air return vents, allowing the designer to isolate these elements into 4-, 6- or 12-inch wide linear areas. This means the ceiling can be designed without being constrained by the limits of traditional acoustical panels. The custom sizes also reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to hand cut panels on site to fit the desired design.

The panels feature CertainTeed’s Overtone finish, which gives the panels a bright appearance and a high light reflectance of 0.90, which enhances daylighting and provides an excellent platform for integration with indirect lighting systems. It also brings a number of performance attributes including superior durability and cleanability. CertaSize VOC-Compliant Symphony f can withstand more than 1,000 cleaning cycles with sanitizing chemicals, exceeds Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI) guidelines for most healthcare applications and is certified for clean room design to ISO Class 4.

The product’s fiberglass core consists of 36 to 38 percent post-consumer recycled content and has been third-party tested by Berkeley Analytical for emissions, meeting the acceptable VOC emission levels for classrooms and private offices in the California Department of Public Health Standard Method V1.1. The panels offer outstanding sound absorption with an NRC of 0.95 and CAC of 25, making them ideal for reducing unwanted noise and establishing speech privacy in open plan environments.

CertainTeed Ceilings has also added flexible size options to its Symphony m mineral fiber ceiling panels. Because both products feature the company’s Overtone finish, CertaSize Symphony m and VOC-Compliant Symphony f can be installed within a single space for added acoustical control while maintaining a seamless ceiling visual. With a total recycled content of 66 percent, CertaSize Symphony m is comprised of a mineral core with a reinforced mat face and provides an NRC of 0.70 and a CAC of 35, desirable for containing sound in places like private offices or medical exam rooms.


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