Floor Boxes Suitable for Slab-on-grade and Above-grade Applications

Legrand Ratchet-Pro Series Floor BoxesLegrand Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes

Legrand Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes

Legrand Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes

Legrand has introduced three Wiremold round PVC floor boxes. These new Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes include a larger version of the original 881 Series PVC round box, plus steel/PVC hybrid boxes for slab-on-grade and above-grade applications. Ratchet-Pro boxes provide single- and dual-service capability for power, A/V and communication services in open-space areas, such as malls, shopping centers, department stores, airports, hospitals and office buildings.

Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes take their name from an innovative adjustment ring that secures the cover flush with the floor, even if the box is not precisely vertical. The adjusting ring can compensate for up to 10 degrees of vertical misalignment. Graduated cubic inch markings are molded into the box and indicate exact capacity after the box has been trimmed to floor level. Similar markings on the divider enable it to be cut to the required depth without measuring. The slide-in divider creates separate compartments for power and low-voltage, if needed.

Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes include:

  • RPNFB PVC floor box that offers high capacity with two 1 1/4-inch conduit hubs for power and two 2-inch hubs for communications and A/V services. Reducing rings are included for both hubs. The box’s parallel hubs reduce labor and material costs by eliminating conduit bending.
  • RPSFB and RPSFB-OG floor boxes combine an adjustable rectangular steel base with a PVC body that allows concrete pours of between 4 and 6 inches. Six knockouts on the side and two on the bottom range from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches. A proprietary 2HUB conduit hub accepts 2-inch conduit to bring more cables into shallower concrete pours. The on-grade version features a fusion-bonded epoxy corrosion resistant paint. This coating enables the boxes to be installed in on-grade applications without the need for additional vapor barriers.

The Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes accept round poke-thru style covers that are available in six powder-coated finishes: black, gray, brass, brushed aluminum, all brass and all-aluminum. Ratchet-Pro Series Floor Boxes are cULus Listed for use in on-grade and above-grade concrete construction. They feature TopGuard protection against water, dirt, and debris from the power or communication/AV compartment.


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