Flooring Impacts the Performance of the Commercial Environment

The Tangible Hue carpet tile collection creates bright spaces.
The Tangible Hue carpet tile collection creates bright spaces.

Inspired by how differing shades can impact and enhance the built environment, Patcraft has introduced a variety of color-forward styles.  These collections—ranging from carpet tile to resilient— have been designed to support the thoughtful use of color within a space, including its ability to stimulate emotions and thought processes and positively influence performance.

Launching four new collections that combine the results of scientific research with flooring and design trends, designers will have a range of choices to explore how the intentional use of color can transform an environment.  Within learning environments, products balance a base of functional neutrals with colors to inject energy into educational spaces. The vast selection of colors and custom options will inspire students of all ages to learn, create and achieve.  Within corporate environments, where collaboration has been linked to innovation and creativity, there is a greater need for color to help distinguish spaces, using yellows to stimulate creativity and blues to cool down distractions.

Patcraft’s 2018 color collections include:

  • AdMix Encore: Nightingale award-winning flooring featuring homogeneous construction and a seamless moisture barrier.  Products incorporate bright colors for accents, wayfinding and branding options while fostering further flexibility in the creation of spaces.
  • Tangible Hue: Carpet tile collection inspired by the appeal of creating bright spaces, products are infused with color, offering designers, end-users and facility managers a range of color palettes for impactful commercial design.  Available in 24- by 24-inch tiles.
  • Crossover: Flooring with an expanded colorway which includes both updated wood visuals and colorful textures.  The color palette gives designers a range of options to help set the tone of a space and guide the functionality of an environment.
  • CMYK:  Available in 12- by 24-inch tiles, CMYK is visually textured LVT tile that is offered in a range of 24 colors and versatile neutral tones to support branding, wayfinding, color blocking and mixing vision. 

This collection helps designers, end-users and facility managers infuse a variety of colorful options to transform the performance of the commercial environment.

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