Flooring Line Features Scratch Resistant Coating

Armstrong flooring line features a coating that resists stains, scratchs and scuffs.

Armstrong flooring line features a coating that resists stains, scratchs and scuffs.

Armstrong has expanded their line of products featuring Diamond 10 Technology coating with the introduction of ColorArt Medintech and Medintone Diamond 10 Technology coating. This product provides scratch, stain and scuff resistance, making it a solution for healthcare and educational environments.

ColorArt Medintech and Medintone with Diamond 10 Technology coating features colors that coordinate across the Armstrong Flooring Continuum Solutions portfolio, providing solutions for design concepts. The through-pattern construction resists abrasion and other wear created by heavy equipment, such as carts in healthcare spaces, and the frequent rearrangement of desks and chairs in educational settings.

Healthcare settings such as hospitals and doctors’ offices require a clean, comfortable and safe design – and that design should also contribute to patient healing and staff well-being. A 30-year track record of performance in sterile and aseptic environments coupled with stain, scratch and scruff resistance, makes Medintech and Medintone a good choice for healthcare. And a palette of colors that allow designers to create settings with a warm ambiance that can help alleviate anxiety and promote healing. The flooring offers advantages including gouge and abrasion resistance and a surface that offers ergonomic benefits, making it easy to push, pull and roll heavy equipment or furniture.

Given the similar pace of change, today’s educational institutions also require spaces that are designed for efficiency, flexibility and durability, from the floor up. From daycare centers to university dorm rooms, the new color offerings complement coordinating design materials, help orient visitors and create learning environments. The beauty of ColorArt is its ease of maintenance, preventing and reducing disruptions in operations. The washable surface cleans using common maintenance supplies, making Medintech and Medintone a low-maintenance solution.

ColorArt Medintech and Medintone are made from quality materials and contain no ortho-phthalates or heavy metals. They feature low VOC emissions, FloorScore certification and comply with LEED credit for indoor air quality. Energy is also conserved when light reflective colors are selected. Additionally, the sheet flooring is recyclable through Armstrong Flooring’s On&On Recycling Program on a case-by-case basis. The product lifecycle features a 10-year commercial limited warranty.

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