Flooring Offers Options for Open Floor Plans

Tandus Flooring’s String Theory modular carpetTandus Flooring’s String Theory modular carpet

Tandus Flooring’s String Theory modular carpet

Tandus Flooring’s String Theory modular carpet

As the office opens up, so must the floor. Created with Tandus Flooring’s Sero design technology, String Theory unleashes flooring with fluid pattern and color that shifts, moves and evolves. Mix, mingle and alternate three soft, sensual designs to form free-flowing, artistic backdrops. Classically rooted in 21st century imagery, String Theory suggests the digital flow of information.

Open floor plans must transition from space to space as seamlessly as people do. String Theory is available in modular carpet (shown) and hybrid resilient, which work in tandem to allow fluid transition between spaces. The two product platforms accommodate different performance needs while providing similar textile aesthetics for unified design. Modular carpet is available in 18-, 24- and 36-inches square and 18- by 36-inches rectangular.

String Theory is made with Dynex solution-dyed nylon. It is available with four backings: ER3 with 100 percent recycled content; ethos, made from the film of recycled windshields; FlexAire cushion with 40 percent recycled content; and Conserv, made with fewer nonrenewable resources. All are NSF Gold or Platinum certified.

String Theory is 100 percent recyclable through Tandus Flooring’s closed-loop recycling program.


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