Flushmate Releases Pocket Guide of Product and Technology Information

Flushmate has developed the Flushmate Pro Pocket Guide, a complete resource for Flushmate-equipped toilets, replacement systems, parts, tools and accessories. The Pro Pocket Guide includes essential information varying from products and technology to parts and replacements.

“Whether you’re looking to specify a new toilet with Flushmate Systems or simply in need of replacement parts, it can be difficult to easily find the necessary information,” says Bernard Peters, president, Flushmate. “That’s why the Flushmate Pro Pocket Guide serves as an all-in-one resource for facility managers to find everything they may be looking for.

The Flushmate Pro Pocket Guide includes information on:

  • Flushmate Systems – Choose between three pressure-assisted systems that effectively eliminate waste and conserve water through an innovative flushing technology.
  • INTELLI-Flush – Enables touchless, electronic sensor operation of existing Flushmate units. Combines the water-saving and performance advantages of Flushmate with the convenience of touch-free operation.
  • Upgrade Kits – Flushmate makes it easy to upgrade other pressure-assisted brands with Flushmate 1.6 gpf or 1.28 gpf systems.
  • Flushmate Replacement Systems – Locate the appropriate replacement vessels or parts by identifying your toilet type, model, and serial number.

Leading toilet brands around the world are powered by Flushmate pressure-assisted technology for single flush performance and water savings. On average, Flushmate models can consume 20 to 38 percent less water than 1.6 gpf gravity toilets.

Existing Flushmate customers can replace their previous-generation system with Flushmate “One Kit Wonder” upgrade kits. The kit contains everything customers need to make the switch, including a Flushmate 503 or 503H system, universal handle replacement, and installation tools. 

Visit Flushmate.com to download the Pro Pocket Guide and for more information on the benefits of touch-free and pressure-assisted technology. 

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