Four Companies Form Leading Raters of America

Leading Raters of America (LRA) has been formed by four member companies who share a common vision for independently verified residential and commercial energy efficiency in American homes, businesses and institutions. Collectively these member companies serve as third-party experts to U.S. home building companies, commercial developers, institutional users and property management firms in all 50 U.S. states. The shared vision incorporates an acknowledged responsibility to impart quality and consistency for independent energy rating of new and existing buildings in accordance with building codes, industry standards, built-environment science and a paramount code of ethics. A key strategic element of U.S. economic and environmental wellbeing is the consistent assurance to consumers, builders, operators, utility companies, building code professionals and government officials that third-party energy efficiency verification is credible, of quality, and impartial to outside influence.

“As inaugural president of the Leading Raters of America, I am pleased to announce the formation of this organization and the role our member companies accept for the promotion of best practices and exemplary professional standards for the energy rating industry,” Matthew Cooper states.

Member companies of the Leading Raters of America include PEG LLC, Energy Inspectors Corp., TopBuild Home Services Inc. and US-EcoLogic/TexEnergy. Its first board meeting will take place Aug. 20 – 21, in Las Vegas. Initial order of business will be the promotion of best practices for consistency across the country in how energy rating services are provided.

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