Framing System Enhances Daylight in a Space

Kawneer's InFrame Interior Framing SystemKawneer's InFrame Interior Framing System

Kawneer's InFrame Interior Framing System

Kawneer’s InFrame Interior Framing System

To enhance daylight into the interior spaces of a building, Kawneer Co. Inc., an Alcoa business and manufacturer of architectural aluminum products and systems for commercial construction, introduces the new InFrame Interior Framing System. Developed with Kawneer’s standards of consistency and quality of material, the new framing system brings the company’s expertise inside, allowing it to offer a single source for both interior and exterior framing solutions.

Open space is one of the most desired features in today’s commercial buildings and design professionals are incorporating broad expanses of glass into interior spaces. Sturdy and adaptable, InFrame Interior Framing System allows more light to fill the interior space. Available as screw-spline construction and a center aligned glass pane, the framing system meets the design needs of a range of building applications and project requirements – both new and retrofit construction. InFrame Interior Framing System accommodates 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch infill within 2-inch x 6-inch sightlines. An optional 4-inch tall sill member gives architects a greater range of possibilities for specific project requirements and architectural styles.

A selection of features come together to deliver streamlined, open interiors and allow for ease of fabrication and faster installation. Wrap-around perimeter profiles deliver clean lines and eliminate the need to complete drywall terminations. Installation times are minimized with a full-perimeter bulb gasket designed to capture drywall and accommodate variations in drywall thickness, including inconsistencies such as screwheads and uneven mudding. Additionally, InFrame Interior Framing System transitions seamlessly from fixed framing to operable doors, providing enhanced design flexibility. And because InFrame Interior Framing System is offered with screw-spline construction, a foundation for many of Kawneer’s exterior products, contractors can leverage existing installation experience and knowledge.

With Kawneer as the single source for both exterior and interior framing, and InFrame Interior Framing system’s break through design, performance and beauty, walls are no longer barriers for architects, contractors and owners.

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