Free Seminars Offer Insight into How to Save Energy in HVAC Systems

With hydronic balancing training continuing to be in high demand, Victaulic and Tour & Andersson (TA) announce new dates and a new session topic for their popular series of hydronic balancing seminars, known as the TA Hydronic College.

The new seminar topic, “Energy Insights-Optimizing Hydronic Systems for Energy Savings,” offers insight into how to save energy in HVAC systems. It features four modules, including energy savings in production units, energy savings in distribution, energy savings through precise room temperature control, and real examples and case studies.

Forty percent of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings, with 50 percent of a building’s energy typically used to power its HVAC systems. Through insights from firsthand experience, the seminar will guide participants in how to reduce energy consumption by an average of 30 percent.

Upcoming 2014 seminar dates and locations for the seminar on energy insights are as follows:

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