Free Webinar: Improve Employee Productivity with Light

Amerlux will present a forward-thinking webinar about how light can improve employee productivity in the workplace.

Amerlux’s free webinar series, “eLumenNation,” goes live Feb. 25 at noon ET with a presentation about how lighting interacts with employees’ “internal clocks” at work. The hot topic, “How Lighting Can Help Office Productivity,” discusses how lighting needs to be aligned with employees, which involves the proper fixtures and controls to make workers feel good, think well and produce more.

The webinar has been registered with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems (AIA CES) for continuing professional education. Credits earned on completion of this program will be reported to CES Records for AIA members.

“When it comes to designing a workplace, architects and lighting designers must realize that lighting is no longer about seeing,” says Bill Plageman, Amerlux’s vice president of Marketing. “Today, lighting is also about feeling, which directly impacts employees’ health, morale and productivity.”

Attendees will learn the following from the webinar series’ latest installment:

  • How poor lighting limits or hurts office productivity.
  • How color temperature and intensity impact us.
  • What tunable lighting is.
  • How lighting can enhance office productivity, employee mood and health.
  • How to light offices for better productivity and which controls to use.

Learn more and register today.

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