Furniture Facilitates Collaborative Work Environments

BuzziVille CocoonBuzziVille Cocoon

BuzziVille Cocoon

BuzziVille Cocoon

BuzziSpace has launched new designs, which are an expansion of the Ville collection and are made to facilitate a collaborative environment, enhance creativity in the workplace and provide noise-reducing solutions.

As a young brand, BuzziSpace is constantly looking ahead to create eco-friendly pieces designed to solve problems in the workplace.

Acting as an instant meeting spot or conference room, BuzziVille Cocoon can be easily installed while preserving the integrity of open-floor plan office spaces. Made up of tall, elegant sections of acoustically-minded and recylced materials, the Cocoon mitigates excessive noise and provides a retreat.

BuzziVille Desk is a grid arrangement that offers flexibility in worktop positioning. Two fixed height options are possible, allowing for either partitioned workspaces while sitting or open workspace collaborations while standing or perching on a high stool. Like all BuzziVille systems, BuzziVille Desk is made from poplar multiplex and foam sheets that can be upholstered in one of BuzziSpace’s material collections. Worktops are available in laminated plywood or oak.

Imagine a row of semi-private meeting spaces. With BuzziVille Meet, attached meeting zones can span the length of open floorplan offices. By connecting vertical BuzziVille walls, a line of meeting spaces can be configured based on the size of the desktops placed in-between the walls.

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