‘Future of Work’ Theme Will Be Displayed at NeoCon this Fall

All systems are a go for a strong and vibrant NeoCon 2021, Oct. 4-6 at theMART in Chicago. The definitive gathering place and educational hub for the commercial design industry, the show is a launchpad for the latest product innovations and services. A “future of work” theme will figure prominently as showrooms and exhibitors roll out boundary-breaking offerings, including avant-garde workplace privacy solutions, like tents and pergolas, flooring that incorporates biophilic patterns, plug and play smart technology, and dynamic furniture systems ideal for the flexible new office. In addition to Workplace, the show’s introductions and industry leading talks will address contract design across key sectors of Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Residential, Education, Public Space and Government.

BuddyHub by Busetti Garuti Redaelli for Pedrali is one of the unique workplace offerings that will be showcased at NeoCon 2021, Oct. 4-6 at theMART in Chicago.

Byron Morton, vice president leasing, NeoCon, remarks: “From the exhaustive research and design development that go into the product solutions on display to the foremost designers, facility managers and industry associations that attend, NeoCon is the beating heart of the influential commercial interiors industry, a $12.83 billion dollar market according to the trade organization BIFMA. The show has helped shape the design of offices, schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and more for over 50 years.”

New tenants and expanded showrooms at theMART include Bernhardt Design (319), Ethnicraft (322), Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering (323), Division 12 (324A), Pedrail (330), KFI Studios (331), Watson (341), ERG (351), EXTREMIS (355), Zgo Technologies (1067A), Digilock (1098), 9to5 Seating (10-109), OM Seating (11-106), HOWE (10-110), Narbutas (1111), Claridge Products (11-119A), Loftwall (1123A), Formaspace (11-124), HMTX Industries (1169) and Snowsound (1197).

2021 innovation highlights include:

Steelcase (300)

Steelcase’s new Work Tents address the need for individual space for focused work, privacy, and safety. Combining light and airy organic shapes with tent-like and sheer textiles, Work Tents challenge conventional privacy solutions by offering a novel and compelling way for people to work. From simple screens to small enclosures, Work Tents features a range of flexible and captivating privacy solutions.

Haworth (312)

Haworth’s Pergola is a freestanding architectural workspace designed to support the new ways of working. Designed by Patricia Urquiola as an adaptable range of space and room solutions that are scalable in performance and application, Pergola creates spaces where people can get away to collaborate, connect, create, and innovate in a new ecosystem. It supports people’s need to focus or restore—alone or together—in high-performance workspaces.

Bernhardt Design (319)

Bernhardt Design just established a 7,500 square foot space at theMART by design firm Kuchar Studio. The company’s new Nico collection by Luca Nichetto, offers a perfectly unique swivel lounge chair that delivers ergonomics, as well as style. Nico’s presence transforms dynamically by selecting fabrics that are more subdued, or conversely, more expressive and colorful. By highlighting different upholstery, the chair’s appearance changes dramatically, empowering Nico to adapt to its surroundings or stand out as a focal point. The progressive and unprecedented design establishes Nico as an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional component in any office.

Pedrali (330)

Pedrali has laid down roots at theMART to serve as a hub for its growing North American business. In line with the latest trends for office spaces with the wellbeing of workers in mind, the Italian brand’s functional and efficient Buddyhub seat offers an isolated alcove that encourages concentration and ensures acoustic and visual privacy. Designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, the rounded shapes and bold volumes of the seat and backrest are supported by the slender lightweight frame that raises Buddyhub off the ground, lightens its overall appearance, promoting functionality that makes cleaning and maintenance operations easier.

Keilhauer (373)

Keilhauer’s Swurve chair is the brand’s first carbon-neutral chair whose sculptural form is inspired by the organic shapes found in nature. This collection is a refined, dynamic solution that can respond to all the varied needs these spaces need to meet. Lightweight, comfortable, and carefully scaled, Swurve can easily be moved and rearranged to create an area that respects physical distance while encouraging collaboration. As employees begin returning to the office, Swurve’s environmentally-friendly features and manufacturing process would benefit any post-COVID workplace looking to lessen its carbon footprint.

Mohawk Group (377)

Mohawk Group’s new Data Tide carpet collection explores the symbiotic relationship between nature and data through the visualization of water. Available in eight colorways, Data Tide’s modular carpet plants feature gradations that flow from light to dark in order to reflect transitioning waters. Mohawk Group’s design team used data sets from environmental studies of greenhouse gases to create biophilic patterns that weave a distinct, visual narrative about the immense role bodies of water play in our world. The thoughtful collection contributes to an aesthetically soothing workplace that connects workers to the peaceful, natural world.

Andreu World (10-132)

Employee expectations have changed, and workplaces need to not only be safe, socially distant and clean environments, but also comfortable, well designed spaces in order for businesses to retain top talent. Andreu World’s Giro Soft by Alfredo Haberli aesthetically elevates any workspace and provides an ideal perch for taking a break in between conference calls or long periods at a desk. The new modular sofa system, which permits the most efficient use of spaces, is available with an architectural base with solid ash wood feet in the form of a sled or with an injected aluminum frame.

The HON Company (1130)

The HON Company’s Workwall is its newest innovative product for the modern workplace. A dynamic and customizable tack zone solution, Workwall transforms any workspace into a personalized “command central” that promotes better individual work, as well as collaboration. Workwall’s versatility and customization fit the aesthetic of any office, and the tile solution can be designed to transform private offices, open floor plans, teaming stations and storage in bold new ways.

KI (1181)

The Tattoo collection is a modular system composed of screens, storage, seating, and tables that fit spatially and aesthetically within the same footprint, no matter how they are rearranged. Empowering workspace change and supporting unique work styles, elements are easy to arrange as roles and responsibilities evolve. Team members have exceptional flexibility to configure their workspace any way they want. Tattoo is also ideal for hoteling because the stations can be adjusted easily to each user.

Julie Kohl, vice president of NeoCon Exhibitor Sales, comments: “We’re thrilled to welcome a stellar list of new exhibitors to the 7th floor exhibit hall with several standouts including Arpa USA, Artome, B+N Industries, Fermob USA, FUNC, Mantra Inspired Furniture, Modular International Inc., Mute, and Ultrafabrics who join returning exhibitors with diverse, cutting-edge offerings that speak to the future workplace, across vertical markets. From the latest developments in tech-integrated pods, to hardware with antimicrobial coatings, these new products are changing the environments which support the workforce of tomorrow.”

NeoCon 7th Floor innovations launching now or at NeoCon 2021 include:


The Framery 2Q Huddle creates a multifunctional space to match the versatile needs of the hybrid work model. Recently redesigned to comfortably accommodate four to six people around a table, Framery 2Q is an optimized pod for brainstorm sessions or meeting locations within the workplace. The space offers a heightened sense of privacy and comfort for the end-user. Framery’s superior sound insulation system and designated display screen guarantees internal meetings and video conferences won’t disturb others.


Mute’s New Space Family of solutions encompasses four pod sizes that meet the needs of the flexible office. The ventilation systems in all pods constantly provide fresh air, the smaller capacity units exchange the air every 1.5 minutes or around 45 times an hour, while the larger bigger pods exchange air from 24 times per hour to 35 times per hour. With a control panel inside each pod, users can even adjust the ventilation to their needs.Soundproof construction allows everyone to take calls and listen to music without disturbing others, a crucial function in the modern office.


As movable technology is taking over the world of fixed installations, innovations are needed. Artome’s newest smart furniture, Artome M10, is on the front line in redesigning the way to work and build with audiovisual technology. Providing an easy-to-use portable plug-and-play smart solution for presenting, learning, and videoconferencing, the all-in-one product can be connected to a device with a HDMI-cable or wirelessly, and can easily be moved from one space to another contributing to space utilization efficiency. Only a light colored wall or a screen is needed as a reflection surface for Artome M10 to transform any space.


Drawer and door handles are some of the worst offenders when it comes to spreading germs. Sleek and safe, Mockett’s antimicrobial coating available on its popular DP3 Tab Drawer Pulls solves this problem. Killing 99.9% of germs, the coating also helps to preserve the life of hardware by cutting back on cleaning. The line comes in a wide range of custom sizes and finishes.

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring’s Exchange was created to invigorate and inspire employees with soft pastels and rich, saturated tones that complement a visual texture that adds depth and interest. The collection includes two distinct, yet compatible designs. System Gradient features a subtle ombre effect across a 6- by 36-inch plank in a soft color palette, mimicking the flow of light through space and creating a sense of clean comfort. Also available in a 6- by 36-inch plank, Static offers consistent saturation of color in a variety of neutrals and bright pops of color that can stand alone or be used as a collaborative accent.

Fermob USA

Well-suited for use in areas with café style seating such as office cafeterias and other gathering areas, Fermob’s Abe?lio provides unobtrusive, stylish separation within open-space plans. Its transparent plexiglass panel boasts an asymmetrical shape, symbolizing a tree that brings a decorative touch to any space.

Registration for NeoCon 2021 is now open now. The show will take place Oct. 4-6 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CDT.

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