Galleher to Provide Schönox Subfloor Products

Schönox HPS North America Inc. and Galleher LLC has announced a strategic partnership to provide subfloor products throughout a west coast footprint encompassing 15 percent of the flooring market. With annual revenues in excess of $215 million, Galleher LLC is a large flooring distributor in the U.S., serving California, Nevada, and Arizona. The Galleher-Schönox partnership will put Schönox technology in the hands of West Coast flooring professionals allowing them to address subfloor issues ranging from the everyday to the extreme.

Schönox has focused its product development in the primer, moisture mitigation, leveling, and waterproofing areas with extensive distribution in place throughout Europe. After making its U.S. product debut in 2012, its distribution network has grown throughout the Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern regions. The relationship with Galleher is an extension of Schönox product distribution providing Galleher with new subfloor products for its customer base. Schönox excels in both the new construction and commercial renovation sectors which serves as a natural complement to Galleher’s strategic plans to continue growth in those same sectors.

“We have been aggressively returning to our roots as a leader in the commercial flooring market,” explains Jeff Hamar, president, Galleher LLC.  “Schönox will provide us with best-in-class subfloor products paired with their team’s strong reputation for delivering creative solutions to all manner of subfloor challenges. We were further attracted to their commercial presence and service-oriented, on-site approach along with the synthetic and hybrid technology; with our growth mandate and renewed focus on commercial, it’s a perfect fit.”

“Galleher and its management team led by Jeff Hamar are so highly regarded throughout the U.S. flooring industry making this strategic partnership an enormous value to both of our business models,” comments Thomas Trissl, principal, Schönox HPS North America. “The relationship will help both companies satisfy the rapidly growing demand for our products in California, Nevada, and Arizona with Galleher’s exceptional company reputation, broad coverage, and superior customer service.”

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