Garland Releases Brochure on Roof Membrane Solutions

The line of high-performance roof membrane solutions from Garland Co. combines two key factors; innovation and a track record of protecting building assets. Backed by a manufacturer who has been in the business for more than 120 years, these products have become synonymous with value over the decades.

To help customers continue to make informed decisions on the roofing solution that is best for their buildings, Garland has released an educational piece, the “Garland High-Performance Membranes” brochure. The brochure tells the story of its material offerings, manufacturing history, application options, surfacing options and accessories. The piece also covers what the company considers its best product, its service.

Expect to learn answers to questions like “Why invest in advanced roofing technology?”, “Do Garland products last longer?”, “What application method would work best on my building?”, “How can I customize this roof?” and more.

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