Georgia-Pacific UltraStock MDF Meets ANSI Specifications for Moisture-Resistance

Georgia-Pacific Panel Products LLC (GP) has announced that its UltraStock MR MDF meets ANSI specifications for the MR50 classification. In addition, all other grades of UltraStock MDF are now designated MR10.

“This declaration provides added confidence for our customers who purchase UltraStock MR to increase the performance of their own products in applications where periodic exposure to moisture is likely,” says Pat Aldred, vice president and general manager at Georgia-Pacific. “UltraStock MR carries the highest ANSI designation available for moisture-resistant MDF, and the UltraStock panels provide the ANSI first level of moisture resistance,” adds Aldred.

The different categories of moisture-resistant MDF used for interior applications are determined by product performance in regard to two criteria, thickness swell and bond integrity. An MR10 designation specifies that a product must achieve a 24-hour thickness swell test value of 5.5 percent or less. The MR50 designation specifies the same 5.5 percent or less thickness-swell value but also requires a product to demonstrate the ability to maintain at least 50 percent of its original MOR value following accelerated aging.

All other performance characteristics, physical properties, production tolerances and board dimensions remain the same for UltraStock MR and the rest of the UltraStock family of MDF products.

For additional information regarding UltraStock MR MDF with the MR50 designation, visit the webpage.

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