GSky Highlights Maintenance Program for Living Green Wall Systems

GSky Plant Systems Inc. highlights its maintenance program for Versa Wall living green wall systems.

Proper care for the living green walls is essential for the living design’s longevity. The walls must be easily accessible, and standard care should be performed on an ongoing basis. To remain compact, plants must be properly pruned and cleaned. Regular fertilization ensures plants maintain the desired levels of color and vibrance. Effective maintenance holds living wall systems in check, keeps plants healthy, and preserves the intended aesthetics of each wall.

GSky offers a comprehensive 3-point maintenance program with hardware coverage, standard on all walls for the first year after installation and available after that period ends. As part of its maintenance program, GSky living wall experts regularly visit living green walls to ensure appearance. Periodically, GSky trained technicians perform a battery of intermittent tasks to ensure plant health, ideal moisture levels, and proper system functionality. With its plant guarantee, GSky replaces any plant attrition with healthy substitutes.

Since irrigation is essential for plant survival, irrigation systems, and drainage systems are maintained. Wall components, such as tanks, trays, filters, and fasteners, are also inspected and cleaned. GSky trained technicians perform occasional lighting reviews, adjusting timers and fixtures when needed to ensures plants receive adequate light.

The Versa Wall living green wall system by GSky is designed for maintenance ease. An alternative to walls using pre-grown panels, GSky’s Versa Wall allows for plants to be maintained and replaced with no mess due to the flexibility of the 4-inch pots that are placed directly into the system’s trays without any re-potting. With patented vertical irrigation technology, the Versa Wall only requires water every 8 – 10 days.

Proven GSky systems, backed by a trained network of maintenance providers, can succeed at locations where a living wall is installed. Prior to installation, GSky and GSky dealers work with customers to select appropriate plants, allow effective access for maintenance, and ensure proper lighting conditions to ensure living wall vitality.

For more information about the GSky Versa Wall, visit the website.

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