Guardian UltraClear Glass Reduces Green Tint, Maximizes Light Transmission

Guardian Glass is helping interior designers and architects amplify their work with Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass.
Delivering clean lines, true colors and views with no distractions, UltraClear glass reduces the green tint found in standard glass to maximize light transmission.    
“Interior designers and architects choose Guardian UltraClear glass to bring natural light into interiors,” explains Sarah Wansack, marketing manager, Interiors Segment, Guardian Glass. “We’ve created a campaign to help our customers identify their best applications for UltraClear glass.
“We debuted a video at GlassBuild America and launched a website to help inspire interior designers, architects, fabricators and glass dealers to find their groove with UltraClear glass,” she adds. 
Interior applications for Guardian UltraClear glass includes frameless enclosures, walls, partitions, entranceways, display cases, tables, railings and more – all bringing clarity to clear glass, or true color match to back-painted glass. 

“Guardian UltraClear glass allows natural light to pass through with clarity that is perfect for shower applications,” says Jared Ross, president, Cardinal Shower Enclosures. “Frameless shower enclosures are in demand, and customers want the true color transmission without the green tint from standard glass. Guardian UltraClear glass offers color neutrality all the way through to the edge.”
Fabricated, laminated, silk screened, painted, bent and heat-treated like standard float glass, UltraClear glass elevates the performance and aesthetics of a range of glass products. UltraClear glass is available in thicknesses from 2- to 12-millimeters and sizes up to 130- by 204-inches.
Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass is a featured product from the Guardian interior glass product portfolio, a complete offering of interior glass solutions. The versatility of UltraClear glass means the product can also be used with many Guardian SunGuard low-E glass coatings for commercial applications, including spandrel, to combine clarity with the performance SunGuard coatings bring.
To see what’s possible with Guardian UltraClear low-iron glass, visit here. 

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