Haier Ductless Joins in Ribbon Cutting for Upgrades to Quincy Housing Authority

Executives and staff from Haier Ductless, Emerson Swan, and Action Energy have joined local dignitaries for a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the beginning of a large-scale rehab and modernization upgrade to Quincy Housing Authority buildings. The project includes over 750 Haier FlexFit multi zone ductless heat pump systems in four Quincy Housing Authority buildings. FlexFit systems can operate from two to four indoor units simultaneously and can control the temperature of each zone individually while providing high efficiency heating and cooling along with comfort and lower energy costs.

“We are pleased that our multi zone ductless systems were the right solution for this project,” says Nick Shin, vice president and business unit leader, Haier Ductless. “There was a lot of planning and coordination to make this happen and I’d like to thank Emerson Swan, National Grid, Action Energy, the installing contractors Gem Mechanical and Breen & Sullivan Mechanical and the Quincy Housing Authority.”

“This was a project that demanded an energy efficient solution for over 700 units,” says Colin Heneghan, Action Energy. “When all of the parties come together to work towards one goal, that’s how you get to where we are today with this project kick off. We are happy to be working with the Quincy Housing Authority to reduce their energy consumption, saving money and Kilowatts, reducing carbon footprint, and increasing the comfort and durability of the buildings for their residents.”

“This project came to fruition after six months of hard work thanks to Action Energy, the Quincy Housing Authority and Haier, our partner since 2013,” says Tim Eaton, AP Heating Sales, Emerson Swan. “Teamwork makes projects like this happen.”

The mission of the Quincy Housing Authority is to promote, develop and maintain affordable rent and homeownership housing opportunities that are designed, consistent with market standards, cost effective to manage, and encourage freedom of choice. By providing an environment of choice, strengthened by essential support services, the Authority seeks to assist eligible households and individuals of low and moderate income in achieving household stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Emerson Swan is a stocking manufacturer’s representative organization serving the northeastern U.S. and the Greater Toronto Area.

Emerson Swan is a technical sales and marketing agency and through the years we have taken pride in maintaining our core values of integrity, innovation, quality and service in all aspects of our business.

Action’s mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals and families on Cape Ann and beyond by minimizing the effects of poverty, promoting economic security, and advocating for social change. Action is the lead vendor for National Grid in the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network, administering both the low-income single family and multi-family programs across the Commonwealth. Action works closely with many other Community Action Programs and sub-contractors to deliver energy conservation measures for National Grid’s ratepayers.

Emerson Swan has represented Haier America in New England since 2013. Established with over 20 percent of the world’s white goods sales, Haier also accounts for over 10 percent of total HVAC sales worldwide. The combination of Emerson Swan’s market intelligence and sales experience together with Haier’s manufacturing acumen has proven to be a successful partnership. Multi-unit housing developments in the northeast are ideally suited applications for cold climate heat pumps, with Haier technology providing affordable comfort for all.

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