Handcrafted Mosaics Celebrate Artistry of Women

Phoebe, a waterjet stone mosaic shown in matte Dahlia with polished Aurum, Mercury and Moon ower Glazed Basalto, is part of the Femme & Function collection.

New Ravenna presents Femme & Function, a collection of handcrafted mosaics created in celebration of the innovation and artistry of women throughout history. The 20 designs in stone and glazed basalto were inspired by the legacy of women pioneers in functional art, focusing on five disciplines: quilting, pottery, embroidery, weaving and textiles. Inspirations span time periods and geography. Textured materials, such as tumbled stones and metallic glazed basalto, are sprinkled in with a dimensional palette to capture the essence and interplay of woven goods and embroidery. Mosaics in the Femme & Function collection can be customized in size and color to suit the designer’s preferences. They can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out.

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