Health-care Flooring Selected for Exhibit at ArchitectureBoston Expo

Earlier this year, SelecTech launched its BioLock technology through its FreeStyle line of commercial flooring products to provide its healthcare division with an interlocking conductive flooring that is essential to health-care organizations utilizing electronic data. The technology used to create the recyclable FreeStyle BioLock and FreeStyle BioLock ESD flooring line was recently selected by the ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) to be part of its exhibit on innovation at the upcoming conference being held Nov. 19-21.

Taking place at the Boston Convention Center and Exhibition Center, ABX will feature 30 new and innovative products that have been in the marketplace for three years or less. BioLock was selected to be one of these 30 products.

“As a company based in the greater Boston area, ABX is a can’t-miss trade event in the region for us,” says Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech Inc. “To have our product featured at an event of ABX stature is a great honor and one we’re quite proud of.”

With its patented interlocking system—including patented recycled composite underlayment with interlocking tabs, FreeStyle BioLock products require no adhesive or special tools to install. The homogenous, color-through and durable tiles feature a urethane/no-wax finish for easy maintenance.

Made from 70 percent recycled materials, FreeStyle BioLock products are 100 percent recyclable.

ABX is one of the largest events for the design and construction industry in the country and the largest regional conference and trade show. Drawing 95 percent of its attendance from New England, ABX’s regional reach is its greatest strength. Attendees hold on to their money (no airline fees, hotel costs or meal expenses) and spend their time building relationships and networks around physical proximity and the likelihood of follow-up work.

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