Horton is Chief Commercial Officer for Atlas Lighting Products

LSI Industries Inc. announced that Ross Horton has been promoted to chief commercial officer for Atlas Lighting Products.  

Atlas Lighting Products joined the LSI Industries portfolio of brands in early 2017 after LSI’s acquisition of the stock of Atlas Lighting Products.

Atlas Lighting Products is a North Carolina-based manufacturer of LED lighting products sold into the electrical distribution market. Its U.S. manufacturing facility provides for quality testing, efficient delivery, and quick turnaround on both stock and special-build items.

Tapping his experience with both LSI and Atlas Lighting Products brands, Mr. Horton will be responsible for marketing, inside sales, customer service, and IT functions for the Atlas Lighting Products organization.

“Ross Horton has been an excellent performer in multiple roles at LSI Industries and at Atlas Lighting Products, producing a series of positive outcomes wherever and whenever he gets involved,” says Seth Walters, president, Atlas Lighting Products.  “So, we are thrilled to promote him to this new role as chief commercial officer, where he’ll utilize his expertise to drive strategy alignment across commercial functions and business growth, while creating more value for our customers.”

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