Hose Reel Cabinet Offers Options for Installation

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, a manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures, is expanding its line of convenient and durable hose reels to introduce the new EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet

T&S Brass and Bronze Works has introduced the EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet.

Designed to prevent common problems in the field, this new hose reel cabinet takes the guesswork out of hose reel installation and ensures a smooth, streamlined installation no matter the circumstances.

The new EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet offers the option to be installed either recessed in the wall using an included flange or hung on the outside of the wall. The design circumvents a commonly seen issue in which a hose reel was intended to be recessed but was mounted differently at installation after plumbers arrived at the facility to discover the wall had been prematurely closed off. 

This innovation stems from T&S’ close work with partners and customers. The design provides a clean, neat appearance regardless of whether the hose reel cabinet is recessed or exposed. And specifiers can rest easy knowing that their vision for the facility will not be undermined by contractors improvising installation at the last minute.

The EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet also reduces the complexity of specifying a hose reel by ensuring the end user has all the necessary components to property install the cabinet in its intended orientation.

Models with top or bottom water inlets are available.

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