Hotel Renovation Captures Vintage Hollywood Feel

Renovation of the Hollywood Hotel includes a ceiling from Ceilume.

Renovation of the Hollywood Hotel includes a ceiling from Ceilume.

Hollywood Hotel is a popular hotel in Hollywood, Calif. Civic groups are working to revive the historic glamour of the district, prompting extensive renovation of the hotel to recapture a sense of style and tradition that matches its evocative name. The hotel’s designer is capping that transformation with a classic ceiling from Ceilume.

The hotel’s long corridors have a carefully chosen color palette and carpet patterns reminiscent of the art deco themes from Hollywood’s golden era. Everything down to the room-number signs has been designed with exacting taste.

“We wanted to capture a vintage Hollywood feel, while combining the old with the new,” explains interior designer Katy Naghavi, founder of Atelier Katayon. To complete the look, she searched for the perfect ceiling to carry this style through the corridors.

The hotel’s high occupancy rate required minimizing disruption to hotel guests due to remodeling and meant utilizing the existing ceiling suspension grids. This seemed like a severe limitation on design until Naghavi discovered Ceilume thermoformed ceiling panels. After reviewing samples of several patterns, the design that fulfilled her vision is Doric, a geometric pattern with a traditional feel yet a contemporary flair.

“It adds texture,” Naghavi says of Ceilume’s Doric panel. “It provides 3-dimensional relief without the expense of other ceilings we considered. It enhances the character of the property.”

Hotel owner Jeff Zarrinnam agrees that the decorative panels add appeal and value. Zarrinnam is also Steering Committee Chairman of the Hollywood Route 66 Business Improvement District and says, “We love the new ceilings. The design gives our facility that custom-designed boutique look we are trying to achieve.” He adds a list of practical advantages as well. “The panels are lightweight and nest into one another to save on shipping cost and storage space. They are easy to install, flexible, and washable – hence almost maintenance free.”

Ceilume panels come in over forty styles of 24- by 24-inch and 24- by 48-inch panels, some inspired by classic stamped metal ceilings of the 19th and early 20th centuries, others featuring contemporary patterns and geometries. Available in a variety of colors, decorative faux finishes, and translucent and transparent materials for luminous ceilings, the panels provide design options for almost every architectural style. Ceilume’s panels have also been approved for use under fire sprinklers, a unique feature that conceals sprinklers and reduces construction and remodeling costs.

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