Hubbell Control Solutions Wins Award for Wireless Lighting Control System

Hubbell Control Solutions announces it won a 2016 Product Innovation Award for the use of its wiSCAPE wireless lighting control system in Princeton University’s Jadwin Gym. The “PIAs” are Architectural SSL Magazine’s annual program to determine and honor innovative LED/solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the companies behind the components that make up these light sources.

The project won the “PIA for Best Renovation Project Using SSL.” The company’s wiSCAPE wireless lighting control system manages illumination of 250,000 square feet in the historic facility. Retrofits constitute a market for LED manufacturers with much competition.

Princeton facility managers can illuminate the entire space for large events or reduce lighting levels with precision – down to a specific row in the spectator bleachers. In addition to this technology, the University also estimates energy savings of approximately 40 percent using Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s Lunabay LED Highbays. Control optimization should add an additional 20 percent to 40 percent in energy savings.

The combination of LED luminaires and wireless controls provides efficient lighting. The Hubbell highbay fixtures also enable appropriate light levels, uniformity and the CRI required for televised broadcasts of games.

The wiSCAPE control solution allows users to manage, monitor and measure wireless lighting networks. The system manages dimming, scheduling and motion detection features. Distributed control technology adapts easily to complex situations for economical commissioning and operation. No control wiring is required for configuration.

Scalable solutions from HCS meet building codes and regulations. Maximize your energy savings, receive asset management and open new lighting design possibilities. wiSCAPE solutions are optimal for a wide variety of applications including garages, parking lots and “at risk” locations. Control anything from a couple of lights in an alley to street lighting across an entire city.

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