Hunter Industrial Partners With Fan Distributor ZOO Fans

Hunter Industrial has become a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan partner for fan distributor ZOO Fans. Live on the ZOO Fans website, Titan and ECO Series fans from Hunter Industrial are available for purchase through the company.

“When Hunter Industrial finds a new business partner, it’s important to us that the company has knowledge and experience providing solutions to customers that are managing the environment of their facilities. They should also have experience within the HVLS fan market and the commercial/industrial fan industry as a whole,” says Jeff Chastain, senior vice president and general manager of Hunter Industrial. “ZOO Fans’ expertise and commitment to its customers make them an ideal partner, and we look forward to seeing this partnership grow.”

Hunter Industrial was launched in 2016 with its debut product, the Titan HVLS fan, which features blade spans ranging from 14- to 24-feet. Its second product, the ECO fan, is among the lightweight industrial fans on the market. The ECO fans range in diameter from 8- to 24-feet. Hunter Industrial also offers a range of control options, including analog control and touchscreen controls with network capability and the flexibility to manage up to 30 fans.

“We are excited to offer our representatives and customers the HVLS fans,” says Jeff Benton, president of ZOO Fans. “Our experience in the HVLS fan industry, coupled with Hunter’s tradition of quality and fan design, allow us to provide cost-efficient HVLS solutions.”

The ZOO Fans name originates from the term Zone Of Occupancy, the space down on the floor where most people live and work. Its patented design incorporates fan engineering to mix the air from ceiling to floor and wall to wall in spaces with open ceilings and drop ceilings from 8- to 100-feet high. This added circulation eliminates hot and cold spots, improves comfort, and saves energy in all types of facilities. ZOO Fans recognizes the benefits of combining these smaller fans with HVLS fans to create a solution for customers with aisles, racking, mezzanines, conveyors, and all the other obstacles to airflow in the workplace.

If a company is interested in becoming a distributor for Hunter Industrial, please contact Hunter Industrial VP of Sales, Mark D’Agostino, at [email protected].

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