IKO Improves Dynasty Shingles Based on Feedback

For his annual head-to-head comparison of laminate shingles, industry insider and founder of Roofing Insights, Dmitry Lipinskiy, recently gathered with a select panel of roofing contractors to test and review a dozen products from North America’s major roofing brands. When the dust settled, and the scores were tallied, IKO Dynasty earned a top ranking with a total of 4.55 out of a possible 5 points.

IKO’s Dynasty shingle jumped from fourth place in last year’s testing to the top place this year. This rise can be attributed to IKO’s aim to always be improving its product offerings.

Perhaps most impressive about Dynasty’s 2021 performance was that it jumped from fourth place in last year’s testing to the top placing this year. This rise can be attributed to IKO’s aim to always be improving its product offerings.

In 2020, Lipinskiy’s testing in the granule-loss category held Dynasty back, so IKO’s product development team took that feedback and focused on improving the product for 2021. Without a reduction in asphalt, nor in the performance of the shingle, IKO changed the granule composition in the head lap of Dynasty shingles, minimizing excess “hitchhiker” granules.

The upgrade was duly noted by the testers.

“Huge shout-out to IKO Dynasty,” states Lipinskiy during a YouTube broadcast unveiling the test results. “IKO Dynasty is a great example of how a manufacturer can go back to the drawing board and improve their product. Last year, we gave IKO Dynasty 1 star in this category; today we are giving them 4 stars. We have seen massive improvements.”

IKO actually has a pair of products on the Roofing Insights recommended list for 2021, based on the testing. Its Dynasty line was joined by IKO Cambridge shingles, an architectural option that went head-to-head against a field that consisted primarily of performance-class shingles. The Cambridge line also went north of 4 stars, earning its recommended status with 4.17 points.

“At IKO, we are committed to manufacturing the highest-performing products, using the best processes and the best raw materials available, and part of that commitment is upgrading products when we see an opportunity to further enhance our industry-leading offerings,” states Jeff Williams, North American director of branding and marketing at IKO. “We believe in working with industry feedback like this, and are always looking for ways to make our great products even better.”

Dynasty earned full marks in six of the nine test categories, benefiting from such features as its True Square Advantage and its ArmourZone nailing strip.

With True Square, three bundles will cover exactly 100 square feet of a roof, a claim that most manufacturers are not able to make. The larger size of Dynasty and Cambridge shingles allows both products to cover more roof in less time, and it also means a consistent 20 shingles per bundle—a feature that resonated with the roofers conducting the testing.

Consistent with last year, Dynasty’s ArmourZone nailing strip, a delineated 1 1/4-inch-wide nailing surface with a tear-resistant, woven band on the back, also earned high praise. This nailing zone, which is among the largest in the industry, aids with correct nail placement, a key to minimizing the risk of shingle blow-off during periods of high winds.

Roofing Insights conducts an annual review and ranking of laminate asphalt shingles. Its aim, says Lipinskiy, is to educate homeowners and roofers, while providing feedback to manufacturers about what roofers like and don’t like about their shingles.

Watch a rebroadcast of the testing.

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