IKO Website Offers Roofing Options, Products and Best Practices

IKO has announced the launch of its North American website for residential roofing. Designed with both contractors and homeowners in mind, the site elevates the user experience for those researching roofing options, products and best practices.

Homeowners can Find a Contractor, review product and accessory overviews, peruse the design center, access a roof inspection checklist and more. Contractors can Find a Distributor, learn more about the ROOFPRO loyalty program and take advantage of professional tools and support that can help business efficiency and efficacy.

“We’re excited to launch our new residential website,” says Jeff Williams, brand director, North America. “More and more research is being done online and this new site provides a valuable, easy user experience for homeowners and contractors alike.”

Contractors and customers will also benefit from IKO’s Roofviewer app. The app is a tool to create a mock-up of a home and test a selection of roofing colors. Experiment with new colors from IKO’s performance product lines, Dynasty and Nordic, and see how they complement shutter, railing, door, window and trim colors. IKO consults with roofing design specialists in emerging color trends every year to ensure the colors reflect current styles.

The IKO residential website will be updated with new product announcements, blog posts, project profiles and more. To learn more, visit the website.

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