Illuminate Flagpoles, Art, Monuments, Landscaping and Walkways with LEDs

Ringdale Inc.'s 18-watt ActiveLED In-GroundRingdale Inc.'s 18-watt ActiveLED In-Ground

Ringdale Inc.'s 18-watt ActiveLED In-Ground

Ringdale Inc.’s 18-watt ActiveLED In-Ground

Ringdale Inc. announces continued growth in its retrofit line with the launch of in-ground ActiveLED lighting. The 18-watt ActiveLED In-Ground replaces 150-watt HID 9.5- and 13-inch in-ground lighting fixtures. The in-ground retrofit is ideal for illuminating flagpoles, art, monuments, landscaping, and walkways. ActiveLED’s In-Ground lighting delivers energy savings of up to 90 percent when compared to HID lighting and includes an unmatched 10-Year No Light Loss Warranty.

ActiveLED In-Ground lighting provides a more robust alternative to conventional in-ground lighting where maintenance and longevity of HID and most competing LEDs have been burdensome and costly. ActiveLED In-Ground Lighting innovative design combats heat in a corrosion-resistant, factory vacuum-sealed light engine. ActiveLED In-Ground Lighting is available in 120, 208, 240, and 277 volts and a range of color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K to meet the ambience desired or the safety required. ActiveLED in-Ground fixtures are available as a complete unit with light engine and in-ground bucket or the light engine can be used for retrofit solution for LSI Greenlee and Acuity Brands Hydro 9100 series.

For most organizations it is becoming increasingly important to demonstrate a commitment to make the organization more sustainable. By switching to ActiveLED lighting, customers use less energy and support lighting that is designed without toxic or hazardous materials. ActiveLED In-Ground Retrofit’s design and longevity reduce the need for recycling and facilitate LEED points and energy rebates.

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