Indoor Air Hygiene Solution Center Aims to Reduce Viral Spread

The indoor air quality experts within Madison Industries have joined forces to launch the Indoor Air Hygiene Solution C#enter to further their shared mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive in the fight against COVID-19. This resource will help people open their doors with confidence and maintain healthy indoor spaces moving forward—from universities and school districts to businesses and medical facilities.

“As the scientific community better understands the spread of COVID-19, they are increasingly looking at airborne transmission. People are unsure about the safety of re-opening and the health risks associated with going back to the indoor spaces we are used to,” says Kris Howard, group president, Filtration Group Indoor Air Quality. “The collective, unparalleled expertise we have in HVAC and air filtration across Madison Industries is now all in one place. Our group of experts can offer scientifically validated advice and solutions that ensures the high quality of air in these spaces.”

The average American spends up to 90 percent of their time indoors, making it more important than ever that the indoor environments in which we live, work, shop, socialize and receive medical care are optimized to keep us safe from the novel coronavirus and other airborne pathogens. The resource center at provides step-by-step guides and personalized recommendations that will help people purify the air by removing pollutants, managing humidity, bringing fresh outside air to indoor spaces and/or cleaning recirculated air—all critical measures to reduce viral spread. 

Indoor Air Hygiene also provides an advantage to business owners who communicate their focus on safety to their employees and customers. The solutions available in the Indoor Air Hygiene Solution Center are designed to give employees and customers peace of mind and confidence that their safety is the top priority.

The Indoor Air Quality innovators and entrepreneurs across Madison Industries are experts in every aspect of air hygiene, including HEPA filtration, air sanitation, humidity control, ventilation, sanitized make-up air, molecular filtration and cleaning/remediation protocols. Brands include Addison, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Ultra Aire, Quest, Rapid Engineering, WeatherRite, Phoenix Air Systems, Bananza, Purafil, Dafco, and Filtration Group HVAC.

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