Ingersoll-Rand Acquires Technology Assets and Intellectual Property of Agilis Energy

Ingersoll-Rand plc has acquired the technology assets and intellectual property of Raleigh, N.C.-based Agilis Energy LLC, an energy data analytics company.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Agilis Energy, Joseph (Joe) Hirl, joins Ingersoll Rand as the vice president of energy services and controls for the commercial heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) business in North America.

Agilis Energy uses patented, smart-meter energy analytics applications and a system approach to help commercial, multi-family residential, and industrial sector companies achieve 10-25 percent annual energy savings. Agilis Energy helps customers understand and quantify energy usage patterns by visualizing building performance issues, quantifying the impact and value of energy improvements.

“We are pleased to integrate Agilis Energy capabilities further into our energy services to help building owners understand energy usage patterns,” says Donny Simmons, president of the commercial HVAC business of Ingersoll Rand. “There is a demand for digital solutions that help building owners measurably increase energy efficiency and address climate change. The acquisition helps us bolster our Trane Energy Services business and deliver our strategy of providing building owners with additional options for achieving operating, efficiency and sustainability goals.”

Agilis Energy is the analytics software that powers Trane Energy Optics, which is a tool used by Trane during energy assessments with customers. Trane Energy Optics uses high interval energy and weather data to provide energy evaluations of buildings, focusing on energy use patterns and behaviors. The tool provides information about where and how a customer can reduce total building energy use.

Agilis Energy is used in more than 3,300 buildings worldwide across more than 50 sectors. While used in many types of facilities, Agilis Energy has insight into commercial real estate; retail; education; healthcare; municipality; multi-family homes; hospitality; casinos; water treatment; grocery and data centers.

The financial terms of this acquisition were not disclosed or material.

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