InPro Launches Product Support Network to Assist with Design and Installation

InPro Corp. is addressing the unmet installation needs of contractors with thinner margins and building owners with smaller maintenance teams by launching the InPro Product Support Network. The InPro Product Support Network will provide a suite of services to help contractors perform more efficient installations, as well as help owners fill holes in their downsized maintenance teams.

“We have always done obsessive things to make sure specifiers, contractors and owners can protect their buildings, but this initiative takes that obsession to a whole new level,” says Phil Ziegler, CEO at InPro. “This network of services will provide the support our customers need to always get the right products in their buildings—quickly and easily too.”

The InPro Product Support Network is comprised of three main service pillars: design support, installation support and InPro Interiors local installation support.

For small renovation products that do not demand an interior designer but still require an upscale appearance, Design Support gives building owners access to InPro’s in-house designer for basic services, such as color matching.

Installation Support is a comprehensive network for contractors. They can request free on-the-job-site training from an InPro product expert; an InPro installer will work side-by-side with them on the job site. Or they can call InPro’s Installation Hotline at (866) 394-6776 to get immediate guidance and over-the-phone installation walkthroughs.

InPro Interiors is a network of local showrooms where designers and architects can view products and demonstrations in-person and contractors can get advanced installation training. These branches will also perform simple installations for building owners who may not have the maintenance personnel to do so, such as putting up door and wall protection products, signage, ceiling tracks for privacy curtains and shower receptors. The service is limited to small jobs that exist outside of new construction and major renovation projects.

InPro Interiors launched its pilot office in Charlotte in 2012, and the program expanded in 2013 with a new branch in Miami. The company plans to open several new branches in 2014.

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