Installing Wider-access Doors Is a Key to Universal Design

Creating aesthetic environments that everyone can easily access and use is the foundation of universal design. Trending are single-story homes for aging in place, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, and barrier-free spaces for all to enjoy. From 2020 to 2060, the number of U.S. adults 65 and older will grow by 69 percent (Population Reference Bureau), while 61 million U.S. adults currently live with a disability (CDC). Moreover, a record of 1 in 4 U.S. adults now lives in a multigenerational household (Generations United). As a result, universal design needs will soar into the future.

Johnson’s ADA-compliant 2000 Series Heavy-Duty Pocket Door Frame Kit ensures easy hotel bathroom access and navigation for everyone. PHOTO: Matthew Dula Photography

Integrating wider, carefree-access doorways into residential and commercial settings is key to successful universal design, especially where demand for ADA compliance is increasing—aging-in-place dwellings, new amenities for senior lifestyles, single and multifamily homes, hospitality settings, and more. Expertly engineered, Johnson Hardware’s inventive ADA-compliant sliding, pocket, and wall-mount door hardware solutions facilitate and enhance universal design by unifying function and aesthetics.

Improving living quality, Johnson’s 1500SC Series Soft-Close Pocket Door Frame Kit makes it practical to integrate attractive, universally-accessible doorways throughout residential interiors. Doors no longer present obstacles for people using wheelchairs or walkers, enriching the aging-in-place experience. Johnson’s durable, ADA-compliant 1500SC hardware supports the latest popular styles of wood and metal doors (up to 165 lbs).

An imaginative installation of Johnson’s 2610SC Soft-Close Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware Kit can make-over any multi-purpose living space while maximizing accessibility for all household members. ADA-compliant and universal design-friendly, Johnson’s Soft-Close feature slides doors open and shut gently with a fingertip touch. Soft-Close slows door speed gradually, preventing slamming and pinching. Johnson’s versatile 2610SC hardware holds doors up to 165 lbs.

Johnson’s innovative Soft-Close technology is available in many of their ADA-compliant hardware kits for sliding, pocket, and wall-mount doors. ADA-compliant Soft-Close hardware kits include single-direction, bi-directional, and retrofit options. Thanks to Johnson’s Trackless Door Guides, people with mobility aids can breeze through doorways free of floor obstructions too.

Many Johnson products far surpass ADA accessibility standards. For instance, Johnson’s pocket door hardware exceeds the ADA’s door width access standard (minimum of 32 inches from door face to opposite stop). Johnson’s hardware allows up to 60 inches for carefree access. Pocket doors also slide neatly into walls for clear pathways, opening doors to superior universal design anywhere.

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