Integrate Multiple Building Systems into One Building Management System

Alerton Ascent Building Management SystemAlerton Ascent Building Management System

Alerton Ascent Building Management System

Alerton Ascent Building Management System

To help building owners better monitor and manage their heating- and cooling-related energy use, Alerton is rolling out its new Alerton Ascent Building Management System, the first to combine in a single controller the industry standard BACnet protocol and Tridium’s Niagara Framework for more effective integration of multiple building systems.

Ascent is comprised of three products designed from the ground-up for ease of use and consistency across control systems: Ascent Microset 4 wall sensor, Ascent Control Module global controller and Ascent Compass software. The product suite is designed to simplify monitoring and control of HVAC systems, and will offer an open protocol for integration with other building systems, including lighting; security/access control; fire and life safety; elevators and escalators; irrigation; and specialized needs such as emergency and critical systems monitoring in hospitals, and tenant billing for leased spaces in office buildings.

Key benefits of the Alerton Ascent building management system are:

Ascent Microset 4 wall sensor

  • Sleek, attractive sensor design;
    Touch interface similar to today’s easy-to-use smart phones;
    LED lights that show status from across the room;
    Easy-to-interpret icons that enable all building occupants to understand at-a-glance multiple environmental readings and building systems status;
    Models include room temperature and relative humidity sensors standard, with optional CO2 sensing; and
    Can display room and outside air temperatures, relative humidity, CO2 levels, and fan operation status.

Ascent Control Module

  • Powerful and versatile global controller that’s the center of any HVAC system;
    Runs NiagaraAX and Alerton BACtalk simultaneously;
    Provides extensive integration capability and simplicity to any BACnet interface;
    Multiple global controller instances and multiple communication networks; and
    Options for many different communication protocols.

Ascent Compass software

  • Intuitive 3D graphical operator interface provides users with easy-to-learn navigation;
    Monitor and control facilities from anywhere, at any time; and
    HTML 5 format allows users to view web content on a wide range of desktop computers and tablets without using third-party plug-ins.

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