Interior Framing System Installs After Drywall

Tubelite INT67 Interior Framing blends transparency and flexibility with fast-track construction for retail space, commercial offices and other interior build-outs. The aluminum frames are installed after drywall, completely covering the end of the stud wall. Perimeter trim adapters allow for a breadth of design configurations.

INT67 framing systems integrate with Tubelite's standard entrance doors.
INT67 framing systems integrate with Tubelite’s standard entrance doors.

Tubelite’s INT67 profiles have a 2-inch face and 5-1/2-inch depth, and perimeter trim adapters cover standard 4-7/8-inch metal stud and drywall systems. Enhancing interior design and décor, Tubelite’s framing and door systems can be finished in a choice of 19 standard paint and 11 anodize colors. Supporting green building goals, the aluminum interior framing members can be specified with recycled content.

Completing the interior enclosure, INT67 framing systems integrate with Tubelite’s standard entrance doors. Gaskets, in choice of black or gray, accommodate standard 1/2-inch glass thicknesses and can be modified for 1/4- to 3/4-inch-thick glazing. Bulb gaskets at the interior/exterior joint with drywall provide a uniform appearance and do not require sealant.

The aluminum framing is shipped in stick lengths and fabricated with screw spline construction. This allows material to be ordered prior to having the exact opening dimensions, and adjusted as needed at the jobsite. Options also are available for knee wall conditions, and for channel head and sill components.

Tubelite’s INT67 system expands on the success of its 4-1/2-inch INT45 Interior Framing system.

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