IOTA PoE Emergency LED Driver Is Selected for 2018 IES Progress Report

The IOTA PoE-CP12 Power-over-Ethernet Emergency LED Driver has been selected for the 2018 IES Progress Report, Illuminating Engineering Society’s annual report which showcases industry developments. The IOTA PoE-CP12 is a design that delivers a UL 924 Listed solution for power-over-ethernet (PoE) LED luminaires. In the event of a loss of normal PoE system power, the PoE-CP12 delivers 12 watts of non-diminishing power to the designated LED fixture from its onboard battery supply. The design of the PoE-CP12 maintains the emergency battery in a state of readiness from the existing low-voltage ethernet supply and monitors the normal power status of the LED fixture without interference of the PoE/IoT data stream.

IOTA’s development of an integral PoE emergency LED driver allows PoE/IoT systems to meet Life Safety code requirements without impacting performance of other non-critical connected systems. Additionally, the availability of an integral emergency LED driver solution eliminates code-compliance issues for wiring and installation of Life Safety equipment connected to larger auxiliary power supplies.

For more information on the IOTA Power-Over-Ethernet emergency driver, visit online or contact IOTA Customer Service at (800) 866-4682.

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