IREM and RMI Launch Interactive Online Course on Deep Retrofits

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) launched the first in a series of interactive, scenario-based online courses based on RMI’s practice guide, Deep Retrofit Value: A Guide for Investors. These courses provide a systematic and adaptable process for assessing the many benefits of deep retrofits including energy and operating cost savings, and revenue opportunities that enhance property value.

This course enables real estate professionals to:

  • Define deep retrofits and best practices.
  • Preview the Deep Retrofit Value Methodology, an analytical model that determines whether a deep retrofit project could help a professional or organization reach or exceed investment goals for a particular property.
  • Distinguish themselves with leading-edge skills that are in demand across the marketplace.
  • Deepen their analytical skills to better meet owners’ investment goals with sustainability and energy-efficiency projects.

These courses will empower professionals in the investment real estate industry to make a compelling case to move projects forward with owners, investors and other stakeholders.

Register for the Enhancing Property Value with Deep Retrofits course.

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