James Hardie Homeowner Survey: Bold Color Choices, Severe Weather Are Influencing Current Exterior Design Trends

James Hardie Building Products Inc. announces the results of its annual nationwide homeowner survey, revealing the year’s renovation demand, exterior design trends, and the ongoing impact of severe weather events.  

Conducted by Wakefield Research, the survey revealed clear demographic trend lines amongst U.S. homeowners–with younger generations outspending their older counterparts and preferring bold color choices. However, across the board, homeowners say their home’s exterior really needs a facelift and that severe weather concerns are factoring into their spending. 

Weathering the Storm

Most homeowners (58 percent) say they or someone they know has had to repair or renovate a home because of an extreme weather event, up from 47 percent in 2021.?Sensing the urgency of the situation, 85 percent say it is better to act sooner rather than later to improve their home’s exteriors.?In fact, more than 2 in 3 (68 percent) homeowners will likely take action to update their home and protect against weather events in the next year.  

“When it comes to severe weather protection, fiber cement siding by James Hardie is the best choice because it is a durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance material that helps protect against fire, moisture, pests and more. No fiber cement is the same and James Hardie’s formulation includes proprietary additives that enhance the product performance, providing substantial protection,” says Jamal Saghir, director of Products at James Hardie. 

As was the case with home style preferences, there are regional nuances. Those in the South (39 percent) and West (37 percent) were more likely to know someone who has had to repair or renovate a home because of an extreme weather event than those in the Midwest (24 percent) or Northeast (23 percent). That may be one of the reasons why 24 percent of those in the West are extremely likely to update their home to protect against a weather event in the next year, compared to 13 percent in the Midwest. 

Saghir adds: “The impact of climate change and severe weather on home design is something we have been closely watching for several years now. Homeowners are looking to protect their homes and their families inside those homes. At James Hardie, our products are Engineered for Climate to provide trusted protection. Fiber cement siding is noncombustible and helps protect homes against extreme weather, such as flooding, wind, and fire. We have seen a marked increase in our consumers choosing Hardie siding with the goal of helping protect their homes from the elements.” 

Exterior Style and Color

According to this year’s survey results, the future of U.S. neighborhoods looks quite colorful. Dark blue (46 percent) is the most popular choice for homeowners when it comes to bold colors when picking their top three, followed by gray (45 percent), dark green (39 percent) and light blue (39 percent). It’s a personal choice, as more than 4 in 5 (82 percent) homeowners say the look and design of their home is an opportunity to express themselves.   

“Color is one of the first things you notice about a home—and everyone wants low-maintenance colors that last. That’s why Hardie siding with our proprietary, long-lasting ColorPlus Technology finish, is the top choice for siding and exterior design,” says Jamal Saghir, director of Products at James Hardie.  

Hardie products are made with ColorPlus Technology finishes that come in more than 700 colors and are baked onto the board to create a vibrant, consistent finish that is engineered to reduce fade or discoloration from UV rays, with a 15-year limited warranty.   

“With the recent launch of our Magnolia Home | James Hardie Collection, we have sought to make it easier than ever for homeowners to transform and personalize their home’s exterior. Curated by Joanna Gaines, the Collection features a palette of beautiful, earthy colors and a variety of siding products, including classic plank, shingle, and board-and-batten styles,” says Saghir.  

To learn more about the trusted protection and endless design possibilities of Hardie siding visit JamesHardie.com.  

Source: The James Hardie Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,000 nationally representative U.S. homeowners of single family or multi-family homes between Oct. 13 and Oct. 18, 2022. 

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