Jeffrey Court Introduces Educational Video Series to Provide Product Knowledge

Jeffrey Court is pleased to introduce Jeffrey Court University, an educational video series aimed at guiding tile-dealers, distributors and consumers through the in’s and out’s of Jeffrey Court’s collections also known as “Chapters.” In an effort to provide product knowledge, Jeffrey Court University aims to make learning the Jeffrey Court “Chapters” entertaining and quick. Also outlined in the series will be: basic terminology, some design basics, new collections as they are released, and a forum in which viewers can request additional subject matter.

According to Jeffrey Court’s Vice President of Trade, Frank Toms, “The concept of Jeffrey Court University was born out of the need to educate on our customer’s time frame. In today’s market, everyone is busy. By using technology and having the educational video program online and available 24-7, we believe we are setting the bar for training and product knowledge.”

To furnish the vision of educating customers on Jeffrey Court Collections, Jeffrey Court University’s video series includes 14 videos (an introduction on each Collection), as well as accompanying resources to further brand knowledge.

“A lot of time goes into making sure every chapter has all the components needed to create first cabin designs and installations. Jeffrey Court University creates a self-paced forum to gain an in depth look at every chapter,” added Andrew Casanova, Jeffrey Court’s marketing director.

By highlighting the basics of Jeffrey Court’s designs and products, Jeffrey Court University’s educational venue and video series provides customers with product resources and information.

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