Johns Manville Launches Online Resource for HVAC, Mechanical, and Industrial Industries

Johns Manville has launched The Source, an online resource designed to help professionals in the mechanical, HVAC, and industrial insulation industries stay up to speed on the latest information. It is a resource built to aid in professional development, and it houses JM webinars, product specifications, blogs, and more.

The three portals of The Source (mechanical, HVAC, and industrial) house content that is unique to each industry. There are up to six content categories available on The Source, webinars; specifications; blog; tools; products; and online training. As Johns Manville is focused on bridging the knowledge gap and contributing to the education of engineers, specifiers, contractors and facility owners, these resources deliver relevant topics, including research results, codes and standards, and product information.

At a glance, here is what The Source contains:

  • Webinars: Johns Manville professional development webinars are designed to help professionals in the commercial and industrial industries stay up to date with the latest information. Each webinar is offered with a certificate of completion that may be submitted for credit toward Professional Development Hours (PDH), and they cover topics like industry trends, product updates, and emerging research. The webinars conclude with an open question and answer forum where the hosts field your questions live. All the webinars are recorded and posted on The Source, enabling people to watch them on-demand.
  • Specifications: As many engineers need to be able to compare specifications side-by-side, JM has aggregated all their product performance specifications in a single page. Specifiers and contractors can use The Source to compare the product performance of each mechanical and HVAC insulation offered by Johns Manville.
  • Blog: The JM blog is a resource that pulls information from numerous sources across the industry, including original content from the technical experts at JM. This is a tool for anyone looking for detailed information on industry topics.
  • Tools: JM offers a variety of tools designed to ease specifying insulation. They have a custom app that gives you access to all their data pages, they have partnered with NAIMA to create a custom 3E Plus tool, and they even do on-site technical presentations and demonstrations.
  • Products: The products tab is a high-level glance at the products Johns Manville offers. These descriptions are ideal for anyone looking to determine what differentiates similar products.
  • Online Training: Johns Manville offers online training modules based on their HVAC and mechanical insulation solutions. These modules make up the Johns Manville Academy, and cover topics like the basics of insulation systems and how to sell and install JM HVAC and mechanical products.

The Source is a tool that can be instrumental in educating the up-and-comers in the industry. For more information, or to sign up to receive updates about the blog and webinars, visit here.

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