Katerra Emerges as an End-to-End Mass Timber Firm

Katerra has solidified its position as a North American end-to-end supplier of mass timber, demonstrated by the ramping of its cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing operation, delivery of mass timber client projects, and continued advancement of sustainable product offerings.

Katerra offers mass timber design, engineering, and construction services, in addition to material production and distribution, all under one roof. This fully-integrated approach stands alone in the North American construction market, strengthened by technology and supply chain prowess—product performance testing, scaled purchasing and high-volume fabrication—resulting in mass timber building systems.

“Cross-laminated timber is more than a structural building material. It is an opportunity to evolve the very nature of building design and construction, and we believe that it will be the backbone for future generations of high-performance, low-carbon buildings,” says Katerra Director of Mass Timber Integration, Nick Milestone. “With an integrated, technology-driven team, every discipline works together to continually improve production speed, efficiency, and quality. Today we have the capacity to supply roughly one 250,000-square-foot building per week, which positions Katerra to help dramatically scale CLT production across North America and drive growth across the industry.”

Manufacturing Operation

Katerra’s CLT manufacturing facility in Spokane Valley, Wash., is equipped with automation technologies, as well as one of the largest CLT presses currently in operation. The factory is a single-use CLT facility, producing 30 percent of the current North American mass timber manufacturing capacity.

Project Delivery

Katerra’s integrated approach to mass timber is demonstrated in the Catalyst Building, a 159,000-square-foot commercial building project in Spokane, Wash. Catalyst is the first CLT building in the state and the first vertically-integrated CLT project that Katerra has managed from inception to completion. In order to address vibration from a nearby active train track at Catalyst, Katerra developed the Katerra CLT Rib Panel. The building was found to be carbon neutral by a third-party life-cycle assessment study and is expected to be certified as a net zero carbon and net zero energy building.

In addition to end-to-end developer clients, Katerra also works with architect, engineer, and builder customers to supply flexible mass timber and supporting services that meet the needs of project teams. The EMCO headquarters in British Columbia incorporates the use of Katerra 5-ply panels, prefabricated offsite within 1-millimeter tolerance to the project architects’ designs. The mass timber installed in less than two weeks, helping to create a mass timber industrial space in Canada. 

Product Quality & Sustainability

Katerra is one of three CLT manufacturers in North America to receive Declare labeling from the International Living Future Institute. Katerra’s CLT factory has received Chain of Custody (CoC) certification under three certification programs; Sustainable Forestry InitiativeForest Stewardship Council, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Katerra has a 5-ply flat panel CLT product that is fire-rated for up to two hours. All products have been tested to meet or exceed all ANSI/APA PRG 320 standards for strength, seismic, fire, vibration and acoustic performance. 

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