Kemper System Will Demonstrate Liquid-Applied Cool Roof Systems

Kemper System America Inc. will demonstrate how to apply one of its liquid-applied Cool Roof systems, from the roof deck up, at IRE 2018 in New Orleans, in On-Floor Seminars Feb. 6-7, at 2:15 p.m. (booth #2829), and several times a day Feb. 6-8, at Kemper System booth #425.

The multi-layer assembly will include rigid polyisocyanurate insulation, cement cover board, joint sealant, primer and reflective polyurethane membrane roofing. The demo will feature the Kemperol Reflect 2K-FR Cool Roof system with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 110, and the Kempertec joint sealant, ideal for filling cover board joints up to a ½-inch wide.

The reinforced membrane system is one of four liquid-applied Cool Roofs now available from Kemper System. The others include two elastomer-based roof coatings to be featured for the first time at IRE:

  • Roof Guardian RG-170 (SRI 109), a white acrylic elastomeric roof coating ideal for prolonging the life of many types of roofing assemblies
  • Roof Guardian RG-180, a fibered white acrylic elastomeric roof (SRI 108) ideal for metal, bituminous cap sheets, single-ply and other approved surfaces.

Both are ENERGY STAR and CRRC rated. The other Cool Roof system is Kemperol AC Speed FR (SRI 108), a poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) reinforced membrane system, capable of same-day application. Kemper System’s Class A fire-rated Cool Roofs offer among the highest SRI ratings in the industry to help reduce building cooling requirements.

Kempertec Joint Sealant is an addition to the Kempertec primer line of substrate preparation products for use with Kemperol systems. It fills gaps between cover board or plywood joints and around penetrations to ready surfaces for the primer. The sealant cures in less than three hours, and avoids the process of mixing and applying a primer/sand slurry mix in joints.

Kemper System offers a range of Building Envelope solutions to protect against weather, preserve the integrity of surfaces, and enhance the energy savings, comfort and value of buildings. This encompasses Wall Guardian fibered acrylic air barrier, Roof Guardian elastomer-based roof coatings, GreatSeal construction sealants, and HeatBloc-ULTRATM radiant heat barrier. Other brands include COELAN traffic coating systems, and the company flagship for exterior and interior waterproofing, Kemperol reinforced membrane systems.

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